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I really like your jtwitter library Kevin Penrose
I have recently started using JTwitter and am enjoying the experience. Jonathan Ferguson
I thought I would email to let you know that I love your JTwitter API and have been using it to create a simplified desktop application to make using twitter a breeze for those who would prefer not to use there browser all the time. Gurparit Chand
Thanks a ton for making my life simple by writing this Library. Balaji Kumara
mega-thanks for the great work on the JTwitter wrapper Jesse O'Brien
great java implementation of the Twitter API Mats Ingelborn
I've used your JTwitter API to create a Twitter plugin for Grails. Thanks for providing this - it's a pretty slick library. Burt Beckwith
I just found your jtwitter library - it's great, thanks! Jeff Kusnitz
thanx again for contributing this nice API. Sanal Dev
Thanks for making jtwitter! I've been having fun with it Steve Jensen
Really Appreciate the great Java API that you developed. Jeff Lui
very well implemented and effortless to adapt from. Jeff Lui
Firstly I wish to thank you for doing an amazing job with the jTwitter project, it’s very helpful. Tamer Zaky
I just wanted to let you know I am using your library in another library I am creating to generate realtime 'peeks' into the world around us. Thanks for providing such a great resource Dave Shanley
Winterwell's Java Twitter library jtwitter is cool. tedwen
Your twitter API is amazing. The other ones make it unnecessarily difficult to do anything by being incredibly verbose, with no real gains in robustness. Your API is simple and took me 5 seconds to figure out. Thanks a bunch, great work. Paul Gibler
Thanks for making an awesome, small, and pretty little Twitter library
that is perfect for us Android developers! Eric Mill
I love your code so much! It's exactly what I need for my android app! Caleb Fultz <>
Thanks for the great work you did with jtwitter...
Many thanks for the prompt response. Ellon Yardeni <>
## Usage
The New York State Senate
iwTweet is developed by ImaginaWorks using jTwitter