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Easily copy messages to other Slack channels.


Click here to instantly add @copy bot to your Slack. You're also welcome to host @copy yourself!


Ever find yourself copying a slack message from one channel to another? @copy bot does this for you. It's simple, free, and open-source. Here's how it works:

Let's say I'm in #support-ios and I say Let's bring the memory overflow bug up in #dev @copy Because I referenced @copy, he'll copy my message to #dev. And he'll also mark it as having come from me in #support-ios.

This is what he'll say in the #dev channel: @rafaelcosman in #support-ios: Let's bring the memory overflow bug up in #dev @copy

That's it! This simple tool is useful for

  1. moving conversations from one channel to another
  2. alerting folks in another channel that they might want to join the conversation in your channel.

And many other things that I haven't even thought of yet! Feel free to tell me how you're using @copy -- drop me a line at


@copy stores none of your messages.

@copy cannot join channels by himself, a user must invite him.