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[gem_template] Updating README

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1 parent 4ab38af commit 085cb142d66f5640f7b576e6acf24ddc496397f1 @winton committed Nov 9, 2009
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34 README.markdown
@@ -3,16 +3,34 @@ GemTemplate
A gem template for new projects.
-git clone git:// my_project
-cd my_project
-rake setup
-git remote add origin
+sudo gem install stencil --source
-A project wide find-replace occurs on file names and contents.
+Setup the template
-Edit <code>gemspec.rb</code> and <code>MIT-LICENSE</code>, and your project is ready for its first commit.
+You only have to do this once.
+git clone
+cd gem_template
+Setup a new project
+Do this for every new project.
+mkdir my_project
+git init
+stencil gem_template
+rake rename
+The last command does a find-replace (gem\_template -> my\_project) on files and filenames.
8 Rakefile
@@ -24,10 +24,9 @@ do |pkg|
pkg.gem_spec = GEM_SPEC
-desc "Setup project"
-task :setup do
- name = File.basename(Dir.pwd)
- `rm -Rf .git`
+desc "Rename project"
+task :rename do
+ name = ENV['NAME'] || File.basename(Dir.pwd)
dir = Dir['**/gem_template*']
from = dir.pop
@@ -43,7 +42,6 @@ task :setup do
`sed -i "" 's/gem_template/#{name}/g' #{path}`
- `git init`
desc "Run specs"

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