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@@ -45,8 +45,9 @@ cd your_rails_app
-This command replicates your table's structure into the <code>archived\_articles</code> table
-(in this example). The archive table has an additional <code>deleted\_at</code> column.
+This command creates your archive tables.
+Archive tables resemble your table's structure, with an additional <code>deleted_at</code> column.
Run this command every time you add <code>acts\_as\_archive</code> to a new model.
@@ -82,13 +83,15 @@ Article.restore_all([ 'id = ?', 1 ])
Auto-migrate from acts\_as\_paranoid
-If a <code>deleted\_at</code> column is present in your table, the plugin will attempt to move deleted
-records to the archive table. The <code>deleted\_at</code> value is preserved.
+If you previously used the <code>acts\_as\_paranoid</code> plugin, running the <code>acts\_as\_archive</code>
+command will automatically move your deleted records to the archive table (see _Run acts\_as\_archive_).
Add indexes to your archive
-By default, there are no indexes on your archive table. Add indexes using the <code>:indexes</code> option:
+By default, there are no indexes on your archive table to keep insertions fast.
+Add indexes using the <code>:indexes</code> option:
class Article < ActiveRecord::Base

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