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In my model:

class Product < ActiveRecord::Base


ActionController::RoutingError (undefined local variable or method `acts_as_archive' for #< Class:0x000001037b1930 >):
  app/models/product.rb:1:in `'
  app/models/product.rb:1:in `'
  app/controllers/products_controller.rb:1:in `'

Any plans on fixing this up for Rails 3 properly?


Also interested in a Rails 3 version. Thanks!


I'm interested as well
Thanks : )


I'm evaluating this gem for my Rails 2.3.8 project. We plan to move to Rails 3 soon. Is there any plan to support Rails 3 within the next month or two ?


Me too


me three


I would be interested in rails 3 compatibility also. At least mention if you plan on making this upgrade. Thanks so much!



I've spent the day updating my fork for Rails 3 compatability. The spec suite is fully green and hand-testing in a somewhat trivial app works fine as well, including ActsAsArchive.update

It's at

I'll take bug reports for awhile, though I don't intend to take the gem over long-term.

This fork does not support Rails 2.x, though.


Hey guys,

You'll be happy to hear that version 0.3.0 now supports both Rails 2 and 3. I would love to get some feedback before I announce it officially.

xxx commented Jan 5, 2011

Initial testing looks good here.


Thanks Michael. Thank you for the work in your branch as well, it helped me make some hard decisions relating to the new version.


@winton: Awesome effort! I never thought anyone would have energy enough to spend on it so I was about to nuke it from my app. :)

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