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elmatou commented Mar 15, 2011

Hi Winton,
here is a fix for the polymorphic association issue.
The point is to check the kind of association (polymorphic and dependent) before calling ReflexionAssociation#klass

ActsAsArchive#acts_as_archive should check if belongs_to association …
…is polymorphic before trying to access parent class.

+ 2 typo "class << self" need spaces (for highlighting mostly)

Nothus commented on 18b7f65 Jun 15, 2011

Also switching "!ActsAsArchive.find(association.klass).empty?" and "association.options[:dependent]" makes it faster when caching classes are turned off (like in development).


elmatou commented Jun 15, 2011

The only problem is the repo owner doesn't maintain anymore this gem.


winton commented Jan 10, 2012

@elmatou Do you have any interest in taking over ownership of ActsAsArchive?


elmatou commented Jan 12, 2012

Hi @winton,
I'm not sure to be the best to maintain ActsAsArchive as it relies on others of your gems, and as I'm less on github than before.
But I would be glad to fix the little issues we found in the library.

I suggest, you keep the ownership, and add me as a maintener on github and rubygems, and I will push important fixes.

If you are not comfortable with this solution, maybe can you just accept a Pull Request for the two main issues (polymorphic + loading) and then release a new and last version of your gem.

See you

Would it perhaps be a good idea to put a big bold note in the readme that it is unmaintained?


winton commented Jan 7, 2013

Added @elmatou to collaborators and added a note about the project not being maintained.

Thanks winton. I'll see if the client that is using it is willing to be the official maintainer or not.

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