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Hey guys,
I recently sent a pull request for also_migrate that entailed explicitly running the migrations. These change sets piggy back off of that. I added the ability to proxy the explicit migration call through acts_as_archive. I also updated the dynamic Archive class creation so that the archive will inherit from self (just in case there are any methods that are needed from the parent class). I pretty much ripped elmatou's fix for the polymorphic associations because I needed it. I removed the automatic yaml loading for rails 2 because certain classes were dependent upon other gems being loaded before they could be loaded. Instead, load the yaml as an initializer. I documented that as part of the README. I didn't update the rails 3 or sinatra adapter because I'm not sure if this is an issue there.

Kyle added some commits Apr 20, 2011
Kyle Commented out the loading of acts as archive from within the gem so
that it can be loaded within an intitializer instead. Changed the
::Archive class to inherit from self so that the class can benifit from
it's parents methods.
Kyle Updated README added proxy migrate method onto ActsAsArchive. Removed
the rails2 adapter because we should be loading in our initializer
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