Running Specs

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Install gems

gem install externals
gem install active_wrapper-solo
gem install rspec -v '~>1'
gem install rails -v '~>2'
gem install rails -v '~>3.0'
gem install sinatra -v '~>1'

Database adapters

I've only tested with MySQL. PostgreSQL help would be much appreciated.

gem install mysql
gem install mysql2 # version 0.2.x for Rails 3.0, 0.3.x for Rails 3.1

Fork the project

Fork the project.

git clone
cd acts_as_archive

Vendor supporting gems

externals un

This will vendor the following gems:

Feel free to send pull requests for any of these projects.

Create the test db

cd spec
rake db:drop db:create
cd ../

Run the specs


This essentially runs the following:

ACTIVERECORD=3 spec spec
ACTIVERECORD=2 spec spec/acts_as_archive_spec.rb
RAILS=2 spec spec/acts_as_archive_spec.rb
RAILS=3 spec spec/acts_as_archive_spec.rb
SINATRA=1 spec spec/acts_as_archive_spec.rb