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Commits on Jun 7, 2008
  1. @marcel
  2. @marcel
  3. @marcel
  4. @marcel
  5. @marcel

    Add message to confirm release

    marcel authored
  6. @marcel

    Fix syntax error in Rakefile

    marcel authored
  7. @marcel
  8. @marcel
  9. @marcel
  10. @marcel

    Update typo in README

    marcel authored
  11. @marcel
  12. @marcel
  13. @marcel
  14. @marcel

    Normalize the :expires_in option to always be an integer even if the …

    marcel authored
    …actual object passed in is a proxy to an integer, such as is the case with 2.hours from ActiveSupport which is actually an instance of ActiveSupport::Duration.
  15. @marcel

    Don't prepend leading slash onto bucket name when deleting a bucket w…

    marcel authored
    …ith the :force => true option.
  16. @marcel
  17. @marcel
  18. @marcel
  19. @marcel
  20. @marcel
  21. @marcel
  22. @marcel
  23. @marcel

    Bug #20487 fixed. If a request fails and is retried, only escape the …

    marcel authored
    …request path the first time.
  24. @marcel
  25. @marcel
  26. @marcel
  27. @marcel
  28. @marcel

    Get rid of old base.rb mock

    marcel authored
  29. @marcel

    Rename the base mock to just be a fake_response now that flexmock is …

    marcel authored
    …handling mocking connections
Commits on Jun 6, 2008
  1. @marcel

    Update changelog

    marcel authored
  2. @marcel
  3. @marcel

    Kernel#__method__ is now included with Ruby 1.8.7 so don't override i…

    marcel authored
    …t if we're using that version or higher
  4. @marcel

    Update copyright year

    marcel authored
  5. @marcel

    Moving aws-s3 into git

    marcel authored
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