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@@ -152,40 +152,24 @@ Gitcycle automatically knows if you are checking out an upstream branch:
-* gitc ready - issue already closed, will open a new issue
Nice to haves:
* gitc branch [lh]
* gitc branch [gitissue]
* gitc ready # switch me back to rc or master
+* gitc ready - issue already closed, will open a new issue
* Conflict recording not working
* gitc qa pass [issue] should use a qa_rc_tongueroo_temp branch so it doesnt blow away the changes in the qa_rc_tongueroo branch
* not working :
* gitc qa pass (all), doesnt update lighthouse to state pending-approval
-* Add comment on lighthouse with issue URL
-* Multiple issues with one lighthouse tickets, wont update lh states
-* Collab fork should change gitc ready to auo merge to the parent fork. gitc pull should pull from br and parent fork. gitc push should push to your same fork.
- Lighthouse ticket changes to pending-qa if ticket is not the same as the parent.
-* gitc pull is not merging in br/rc
-* gitc push # when I'm a 'Both' person pushs to origin which is br, I still feel this should push to the fork directly. Example here:
+* Collaborator mode = work on same ticket, gitc ready readys ticket no matter who is working on it, if more than one ticket then we should have a feature branch that people are basing tickets off of
* Hook to run after gitc qa pass, so I can write a script for amit that will auto merge master into rc
-* gitc merge chrisped/branch-with-reverts # to quickly revert changes
-* Label issues with ticket milestone
* Issues aren't assigned to people
-* Add comment on lighthouse with issue URL
* On pass or fail, send email to Github email
* Note you can use gitc with a string (and get this working)
* gitc qa pass, should not set ticket to pending-approval if its already resolved
-* If gitc redo happens on branch with Github issue, close the existing issue
-* Instead of detecting CONFLICT, use error status $? != 0
-* gitc ready - possibly do syntax checks
+* Everything before colon in ticket name, make shorter somehow
$ gitc st - shortcut
-* issues aren't assigned to people
-* There's still a Tagging Issue I tried to fix parseLabel , Pass should remove Pending, but remove the Branch Name
-* gitc qa pass 1234 # doesnt update lighthouse and screws up git issue tags
-* [issue number] it marks it pending-qa and failed.. not correct. I'll take a look at this over the weekend -Tung
-* gitc qa clean # to clean up old branches
-* gitc qa pass # if ticket resolved, it should stay resolved
-* gitc ready # if pull requests already created, it should prompt and explain that a new branch and issue is being created, consider effect of multiple developers
+* gitc clean # to clean up old branches
* fail should change to inactive
-* If feature branch changed between QA branch creation and QA merge, alert QA engineer
+* gitc pull: shouldnt matter who does it, it should update the latest br/rc, not working
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