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Fix bad config examples in storage docs

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@@ -62,10 +62,9 @@ deployments so explicit configuration is advised.
The default metastore and entitystore values can be specified when the
__Rack::Cache__ object is added to the Rack middleware pipeline as follows:
- use Rack::Cache do
- set :metastore, 'file:/var/cache/rack/meta'
- set :entitystore, 'file:/var/cache/rack/body'
- end
+ use Rack::Cache,
+ :metastore => 'file:/var/cache/rack/meta',
+ :entitystore => 'file:/var/cache/rack/body'
Alternatively, the `rack-cache.metastore` and `rack-cache.entitystore`
variables may be set in the Rack environment by an upstream component.
@@ -82,8 +81,9 @@ use a specific storage implementation as well as pros and cons of each.
Uses local process memory to store cached entries.
- set :metastore, 'heap:/'
- set :entitystore, 'heap:/'
+ use Rack::Cache,
+ :metastore => 'heap:/',
+ :entitystore => 'heap:/'
The heap storage backend is simple, fast, and mostly useless. All cache
information is stored in each backend application's local process memory (using
@@ -102,8 +102,9 @@ is small and well understood.
Stores cached entries on the filesystem.
- set :metastore, 'file:/var/cache/rack/meta'
- set :entitystore, 'file:/var/cache/rack/body'
+ use Rack::Cache,
+ :metastore => 'file:/var/cache/rack/meta',
+ :entitystore => 'file:/var/cache/rack/body'
The URI may specify an absolute, relative, or home-rooted path:
@@ -132,18 +133,19 @@ collision.
Stores cached entries in a remote [memcached](
- set :metastore, 'memcached://localhost:11211/meta'
- set :entitystore, 'memcached://localhost:11211/body'
+ use Rack::Cache,
+ :metastore => 'memcached://localhost:11211/meta',
+ :entitystore => 'memcached://localhost:11211/body'
The URI must specify the host and port of a remote memcached daemon. The path
portion is an optional (but recommended) namespace that is prepended to each
cache key.
-The memcached storage backend requires [Evan Weaver's memcached client library][e].
-This is a [fast][f] client implementation built on the SWIG/[libmemcached][l] C
-library. The library may be installed from Gem as follows:
+The memcached storage backend requires either the `memcache-client` or
+`memcached` libraries. By default, the `memcache-client` library is used;
+require the `memcached` library explicitly to use it instead.
- sudo gem install memcached --no-rdoc --no-ri
+ gem install memcache-client
Memcached storage is reasonably fast and allows multiple backends to share a
single cache. It is also the only storage implementation that allows the cache
@@ -285,7 +285,10 @@ def self.resolve(uri)
options[k.to_sym] = value
+ fail "Invalid memcached URL: #{uri.to_s.inspect}" if uri.path.nil?
options[:namespace] = uri.path.sub(/^\//, '')
new server, options

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