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Redis-backed queue for Stasis render jobs

Build Status


Install via RubyGems:

$ gem install stasis-server

Server Mode

Stasis can run as a server that uses redis to wait for render jobs.

Stasis server that uses redis on port 6379:

$ stasis-server -r localhost:6379/0

Push to the server (in Ruby):

  # Paths to render
  :paths => [ "index.html.haml", "subdirectory" ],

  # Made available to views as `params`
  :params => {},

  # Redis address
  :redis => "localhost:6379/0",

  # Return rendered templates (false by default)
  :return => false,

  # Block until templates generate (false by default)
  :wait => false,

  # Write to the filesystem (true by default)
  :write => true,

  # Cache ttl for returned templates (nil by default)
  :ttl => nil,

  # Force write even if cached (false by default)
  :force => false