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Winton Kafka Streams

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Implementation of Apache Kafka's Streams API in Python.

What and why?

Apache Kafka is an open-source stream processing platform developed by the Apache Software Foundation written in Scala and Java. Kafka has Streams API added for building stream processing applications using Apache Kafka. Applications built with Kafka's Streams API do not require any setup beyond the provision of a Kafka cluster.

Winton Kafka Streams is a Python implementation of Apache Kafka's Streams API. It builds on Confluent's librdkafka (a high performance C library implementing the Kafka protocol) and the Confluent Python Kafka library to achieve this.

The power and simplicity of both Python and Kafka's Streams API combined opens the streaming model to many more people and applications.

Getting started


The minimum Python version is currently 3.6 and a working Kafka cluster (a single replica is sufficient for testing) are required.

You will require librdkafka. On Mac OS, we recommend installing this via HomeBrew and setting CFLAGS=-I/usr/local/include and LDFLAGS=-L/usr/local/lib is when installing Confluent Python Kafka (see below). The librdkafka GitHub page lists packages available for Debian and Ubuntu, as well as RPMS. For Arch Linux it is available via AUR.

Confluent Python Kafka is also required and it should be installed as a dependency by pip.


Cloning the Winton Kafka Streams repository from GitHub is recommended if you want to contribute to the project. Then use pip install --editable <path/to/winton_kafka_streams>[develop] to install as an editable workspace with additional dependencies required for development. You may need to do this using sudo on Linux.

If you want to install the code and get a feel for it as a user then we recommend using pip install git+

Running tests

Tests will run when py.test is called in the root of the repository.

Running examples

To run examples, you must have cloned the code locally from GitHub.

The debug and wordcount examples will run without further additional requirements.

The Jupyter notebook in the binning example requires some additional packages. Install these with the command:

pip install <path/to/winton_kafka_streams>[binning_example]


Please see the document for more details on getting involved.



A Python implementation of Apache Kafka Streams





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