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Bundle is deprecated. Use instead.
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Bundle is deprecated. Use instead.

What's that?

winzouCacheBundle provides a simple cache management. Now you can use a cache system without reinventing it. It supports Apc, XCache, File, ZendData and Array.


1. Add this bundle to your project:

Using composer

Add the following lines in your composer.json file:

"require": {
    "winzou/cache-bundle": "dev-master"

Now, run composer to download the bundle:

$ composer update

2. Add this bundle to your application's kernel:

// app/AppKernel.php
public function registerBundles()
  $bundles = array(
      // ...
      new winzou\CacheBundle\winzouCacheBundle(),
      // ...


In your controller:

$cache = $this->get('winzou_cache.apc');
// or
$cache = $this->get('winzou_cache.file');
// or
$cache = $this->get('winzou_cache.memcache');
// or
$cache = $this->get('winzou_cache.array');
// or
$cache = $this->get('winzou_cache.xcache');
// or
$cache = $this->get('winzou_cache.zenddata');
// or
$cache = $this->get('winzou_cache'); // in that case, it will use the default driver defined in config.yml, see below

$cache->save('bar', array('foo', 'bar'));

if ($cache->contains('bar')) {
    $bar = $cache->fetch('bar');


See Cache\AbstractCache for all the available methods.


When using FileCache, if you don't want to store your cache files in %kernel.cache_dir%/winzou_cache (default value), then define the absolute path in your config.yml:

        cache_dir: %kernel.cache_dir%/MyAppCache
# or    cache_dir: /tmp/MyAppCache/%kernel.environment%

If you want to define in only one place the driver you want to use, you will like the default_driver option:

        default_driver: apc # default is "lifetimefile"

# and then $cache = $this->get('winzou_cache')

You can now access the ApcCache with the winzou_cache service. And if you want to change the driver, you have to modify only one value in your config.yml.

If you don't define the default_driver and use $this->get('winzou_cache'), then you are using the FileCache.

Raw access

You can overwrite any option just by using the factory service. See these two very similar methods:

$factory = $this->get('winzou_cache.factory');
$cache = $factory->getCache('file', array('cache_dir' => '/tmp/cache'));

Or by defining your own service:

    factory_service: winzou_cache.factory
    factory_method:  get
    class:           %winzou_cache.driver.abstract%
        - file                       # just modify this value to use another cache
        - {'cache_dir': /tmp/cache } # you can omit this if you don't use FileCache or if the default value is ok for you

# and then $cache = $this->get('your_cache')
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