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A C/C++ development tool
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Quick Links: Docs | Packages | Waterloop


Wio is a development environment to create, build, test and upload C/C++ project. Wio supports AVR and Native platform but as the project grows, more platforms and frameworks will be added.



Easier Development

  • User worries about programming and wio takes care of build files
  • No need to learn about vendor toolchains
  • Support for multiple platforms and frameworks
  • Highly customizable with the help of wio.yml config
  • Build projects with wio build
  • Execute projects with wio run

Package Manager

  • Code sharing has never been easier with wio packages
  • User includes dependencies and wio takes care of dependency tree
  • Use wio publish to publish a package
  • Use wio install <package> to install a package


  • Uploading code to devices can be done with wio run --port <port>
  • List devices connected to machine by using wio devices list
  • Open a Serial monitor using wio devices monitor


Install from source

  • Clone dev branch for latest features
git clone --recurse-submodules
  • Install tools and build
# windows
wmake setup
wmake build

# macOs
wmake mac-setup
wmake build

# Linux
wmake linux-setup
wmake build

Getting Started


If you are interested in working on wio, you can read contribution document and add features/fixes.


Well is still in beta and is being actively developed. You can check the changelogs in changelog directory

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