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Ruby library for interacting with the wire2air service, allows sending/receiving sms and voice messages
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This is a ruby library that allows interaction with the wire2air api service.


gem install wire2air

Example Usage

require 'wire2air'
connection = => 'your_username',
  :password => 'your password',
  :profile_id => 42,
  :vasid => 12345) # replace the options with the ones found for your account
short_code = 234 # replace with the shortcode from your account you wish to use
test_number = "123456789"
connection.submit_sm(short_code, test_number, "A message to send")

See rdoc/ri for details on other methods, they are pretty simple to use.


Copyright © 2011 wire2air. See LICENSE.txt for further details.

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