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Uninstallation removes all extension software components. However, uninstalling does not affect transaction data and database entries.

This extension follows the standard Magento rules. Create a full backup of your shop ecosystem as a fallback before you uninstall the extension.

Uninstalling the Extension

The Wirecard Magento Extension can be uninstalled in two different ways:

Uninstallation via modman (Module Manager)

Important: The extension can only be uninstalled via modman if it was installed via modman.

  1. Open a terminal.

  2. Navigate to your Magento installation directory.

  3. Execute:

    modman undeploy magento-ee
  4. If no error occurs executing this command, the Wirecard Magento Extension has been successfully uninstalled.


Deleting files manually (NOT recommended)

Locate all files related to the Wirecard Magento Extension and delete them.

When the deletion process has been completed, the Wirecard Magento Extension (i.e. the Wirecard payment methods) is no longer displayed in your Magento Admin Panel.

Post-processing operations are no longer possible after deletion.

However, since the uninstallation does not affect the transaction database, you may perform post-processing operations after reinstalling and reconfiguring the extension. For each performed transaction, all post-processing operations are available, regardless of whether or not a payment method is enabled.

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