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Magento 2 Wirecard Payment Processing Gateway Shop Plugin

Quick Start

  1. Install the shop plugin into your shop system.
  2. Configure it to your needs. Please note that each payment method requires special configuration.

For an overview and introduction to the use of Wirecard shop plugins within your shop system, please visit general shop plugin information.
All Wirecard shop plugins are free of charge; please be sure to agree with the Wirecard Terms of Use and Legal Note.

Overview Magento 2 shop plugin

Source code repository magento2-ee
Plugin version 1.3.7 (2018-11-12, change log)
Tested version(s) Magento Community Edition 2.2.6 with PHP 7.0
Compatibility Magento 2.1.4 up to and including Magento Open Source 2.2.6

Supported payment methods

The Magento 2 shop plugin supports the following payment methods:

  • Alipay Cross Border
  • Credit Card
  • giropay
  • Guaranteed Invoice
  • iDEAL
  • Maestro SecureCode
  • Masterpass
  • Payment on Invoice / Payment in Advance
  • PayPal
  • SEPA Direct Debit
  • Sofort.
  • UnionPay International

Please be aware that you may only use those payment methods you have purchased and enabled by Wirecard. If you would like to offer additional payment methods within your online shop, please contact our sales teams.

Wirecard PHP paymentSDK
You need additional payment methods? Use Wirecard PHP paymentSDK to add more payment methods. You can also integrate all Wirecard REST API payment methods and send us pull requests on the Magento 2 repository. We will continue to maintain your code.

Supported back-end operations

By the means of back-end operations, you may use commands which enable various operations regarding the orders of your consumers or the payment process itself. These operations are called by a server-to-server request from your web server to the Wirecard Checkout Server. Back-end operations may be called automatically from the back-end of your online shop. Each payment method offers a different set of back-end operations which is described in detail in the payment method specific configuration.

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