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Why does each new order get the status Suspected Fraud?

Order status Suspected Fraud means that the received payment notification from Wirecard has potentially been manipulated. If all your orders get this status, please check if your provided Public Key in Stores/Configuration/Sales/Wirecard Payment Processing Gateway/Settings is the correct one.
If you are unsure if your public key is correct, please remove the field content and save, as this disables certificate pinning.

Is there a way for order batch processing?

Magento 2 does not support batch processing, i.e. you cannot capture or refund more than one order at a time.

For batch processing, consider WEP - Wirecard Enterprise Portal. WEP is a powerful tool for accessing and managing all kinds of transactions, business intelligence, and statistics.
All post-processing operations performed in the Magento 2 admin panel appear in WEP, but not vice versa.

What is an Offline Capture/Refund?

Magento 2 offers the options Capture Offline and Refund Offline. Both affect stock management but do not trigger cash flows. Amounts that have been captured/refunded offline cannot be captured/refunded online with the shop extension.

Note: We strongly recommend to avoid this option.

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