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Masterpass is a free digital wallet service. It stores payment and delivery information so that consumers can make purchases without having to re-enter their shipping/billing address or credit card details.

A Masterpass wallet works with all major credit, debit and prepaid cards, such as Mastercard, Maestro, Diners Club International, Discover, Visa and American Express.

Masterpass Configuration

  1. Select Stores/Configuration.

  2. Go to Sales and scroll down to Payment Methods.

  3. Select Wirecard Masterpass to open the Masterpass configuration page:

Masterpass Configuration

Send Additional Information

If this field is set to Yes, additional data will be sent for the purpose of fraud protection. This additional data includes billing/shipping address, shopping basket, and descriptor.

Payment Action

Masterpass payments can be performed using two different payment actions:

1. Authorization: Payments for orders are not captured/invoiced but only authorized by the consumer, and therefore only reserved. For debit, you have to confirm/capture the amount manually.

  • This payment action triggers the transaction type authorization for payment method Masterpass.
  • The order created in Magento 2 order management will be labeled as Authorized.

2. Capture: Set payment action to Capture to capture/invoice payments of orders automatically.

  • This payment action triggers the transaction type purchase for payment method Masterpass.
  • The order created in Magento 2 order management will be labeled as Processing.

Supported Post-Processing Operations

  1. Select Sales/Orders to access post-processing operations: PostPro_Step1


  2. Click View in the Action column to display the order details. It shows all available post-processing operations, e.g.: Transaction_details

Depending on your Payment Action settings, there are different options for the Masterpass post-processing operation workflow:

Payment Action Authorization

1. Void: Triggers transaction type void-authorization. The payment will be canceled/voided.

2. Capture: Triggers transaction type capture-authorization. The payment will be captured/invoiced.

3. Refund: Triggers transaction type void-capture. The payment/invoice will be refunded.

Payment Action Capture

1. Refund: Triggers transaction type refund-purchase. The payment/invoice will be refunded.

You also have the option of partial Refund/Capture. Partial Refund/Capture is possible until the payment has been refunded/captured in full.

For a step-by-step guide to voiding, capturing and refunding payments, go to our Post-Processing Operations page.

Please be aware that stock management is not included in the post-processing operations triggered in the Wirecard extension but only in Magento 2 order management.

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