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Configure a Payment Method

  1. To access the payment-method-specific configuration page, select
    Extensions/Extensions and select the Payments extension type from the dropdown list: Open configuration page

  2. Scroll down the list to the Wirecard payment methods: Payment methods List

  3. Click the Installation button to the right of the payment method (e.g. Wirecard PayPal) to install it.

  4. Click the edit button to the right of the payment method to open the configuration screen.

Minimum Configuration Options

  • Status:
    Set Status to Enabled to activate this payment method for your consumers. If you disable it later on, you can still do post-processing operations for all transactions performed while enabled.
  • Title:
    Name of the payment method as displayed during checkout.
  • Sort order:
    Determines the order in which the payment methods are displayed to the consumer. The higher the number, the further down the payment method will be displayed.
  • Merchant Account ID (MAID):
    Enter the MAID as provided in your Wirecard contract. You receive a unique MAID for each payment method.
  • Secret Key:
    Enter the Secret Key as provided in your Wirecard contract. You receive a unique Secret Key for each payment method.
  • Credentials (Username, Password) for Wirecard server connection (Wirecard Payment Gateway):
    • For going live, you will receive credentials after having concluded a Wirecard contract.
    • Click here for test credentials.

Authorization and Purchase

Two payment actions are generally available:

  • Authorization: The amount will be authorized only. You need to capture it manually later.
  • Purchase: The amount will be deposited immediately and automatically.

Depending on the payment method, you can execute either:

  • Authorization and Purchase, or
  • Authorization only, or
  • Purchase only.

For further payment-method-specific configuration, go to the respective payment method configuration page.

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