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Uninstallation removes all module software components. However, uninstalling does not affect transaction data and database entries.

This module follows the standard OXID rules. Create a full backup of your shop ecosystem as a fallback before you uninstall the module.

Uninstalling the Module

  1. Navigate to Extensions/Modules and click Deactivate: Deactivate Module

  2. After deactivation, navigate to the root directory of the OXID shop, e.g. cd /var/www/html/.

  3. Remove the module via Composer: composer remove wirecard/oxid-ee

    This step completely disables the module. It may, however, still be listed under Extensions/Modules.

  4. To remove the module entirely, delete the module directory.

Post-processing operations are no longer possible after deletion.

However, since the uninstallation does not affect the transaction database, you may perform post-processing operations after reinstalling and reconfiguring the module. For each performed transaction, all post-processing operations are available, regardless of whether or not a payment method is enabled.

Deactivating the Module

When you activate the Wirecard OXID Module for the first time, the custom Wirecard payment methods are inserted into the database and available for you to enable and change settings on.

When you deactivate the module later on, these payment methods are not deleted, but solely deactivated. OXID allows you to activate payment methods even if the module is inactive. Please note that in this case, the displayed payment methods do not have any functionality.

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