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Install/activate on your web server:

  • Web Server (Apache suggested)
  • PHP 5.6+
  • Database (MySQL suggested)
  • PrestaShop

Install the following PHP libraries/modules:

  • simplexml
  • cURL
  • ZIP
  • zlib
  • GD Library
  • mcrypt
  • mbstrings
  • XML
  • Intl
  • FileInfo
  • DOM

Installing the Module

  1. To download the module, go to Releases and download the latest file.

  2. In your PrestaShop admin interface, go to Modules/Modules & Services: Install_V2_1

  3. Click Upload a Module. Select the file you have downloaded and click Install: Install_V2_2


  4. The installation process is completed. Click Configure to configure the module separately for each payment method: Install_V2_3

    If the installation fails due to a server timeout, you need to change a setting in your php.ini file. Open php.ini and increase the max_execution_time value (default: 30 sec).

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