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Uninstallation removes all module software components. However, uninstalling does not affect transaction data and database entries.

This module follows the standard PrestaShop rules. Create a full backup of your shop ecosystem as a fallback before you uninstall the module.

Uninstalling the Module

  1. Navigate to Modules/Modules & Services.

  2. Click the Installed Modules tab: Uninstall_1

  3. Delete the module by selecting Uninstall: Uninstall_2

  4. Confirm your selection by clicking Yes, Uninstall It: Uninstall_3

When the deletion process has been completed, the Wirecard PrestaShop Module will no longer be displayed in the list of Installed Modules.

Post-processing operations are no longer possible after deletion.

However, since the uninstallation does not affect the transaction database, you may perform post-processing operations after reinstalling and reconfiguring the module. For each performed transaction, all post-processing operations are available, regardless of whether or not a payment method is enabled.

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