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Terms of Use

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The extensions offered are provided free of charge by Wirecard AG (abbreviated to Wirecard) and are explicitly not part of the Wirecard range of products and services.

They have been tested and approved for full functionality in the standard configuration (status on delivery) of the corresponding shop system. They are under General Public License Version 3 (GPLv3) and can be used, developed and passed on to third parties under the same terms.

However, Wirecard does not provide any guarantee or accept any liability for any errors occurring when used in an enhanced, customized shop system configuration. Operation in an enhanced, customized configuration is at your own risk and requires a comprehensive test phase by the user of the extension.

Customers use the extensions at their own risk. Wirecard does not guarantee their full functionality neither does Wirecard assume liability for any disadvantages related to the use of the extensions. Additionally, Wirecard does not guarantee the full functionality for customized shop systems or installed extensions of other vendors of extensions within the same shop system.

Customers are responsible for testing the extension's functionality before starting productive operation. By installing the extension in the shop system, the customer agrees to these terms of use. Please do not use the extension if you do not agree to these terms of use! Uninstalling the extension may result in the loss of data.

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