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You can test each payment method for free. This page provides you with the necessary test credentials.

Authentication Test Credentials

The Wirecard Salesforce Commerce Cloud Cartridge is pre-configured with test data for

  • Wirecard Server Address (URL)
  • Username
  • Password
  • Merchant Account ID (MAID)
  • Secret Key

After the installation process has been completed, these test credentials are automatically available in the corresponding fields on the payment-method-specific configuration page.

To test your username and password,

  1. Navigate to Merchant Tools / Wirecard Payment Gateway / Test Credentials.

  2. Click TEST to check if the configured username/password is correct: Test credentials

    If the test credentials are valid, the TEST button turns green. Otherwise it turns red.

Further Test Credentials

Testing Credit Card Payments (3-D Secure)

Brand Card Number Expiry Date CVC ACS Password
Visa 4012000300001003 01/2023 003 wirecard

Testing PayPal Payments

Account Name Username Password
WD PayPal TEST Wirecardbuyer

Testing SEPA Direct Debit Payments

Jane Doe DE42512308000000060004

Testing Sofort. Payments

Country Bank Name User ID Password Account Number TAN
Select any available option Demo Bank Any text (min. 4 characters) Any text (min. 4 characters) Select any available option Any text (min. 4 characters)

Wirecard Online Documentation provides additional information and test credentials.

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