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Credit Card

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Credit Card is one of the most popular payment methods worldwide. It allows the consumer (aka cardholder) to buy goods and services using a (virtual) credit card.

Credit Card Configuration

Credit card is split into three payment modes - SSL, 3DSattempt and 3DSonly. You have to configure all three credit card payment modes. To access the credit card configuration screen, select
Wirecard / Payment Modes / select the respective credit card payment mode.

Basic Configuration

  1. Configure the basic payment mode settings such as name and display options - see Configuring a Payment Mode.
  2. Perform the payment configuration for a Basestore.
  3. Activate the payment mode.

Non 3-D Secure and 3-D Secure Limits

Depending on the order value, you might consider both reducing payment risks and keeping the payment process simple. Therefore, the extension allows for configuring Non 3-D Secure (SSL) and 3-D Secure limits.

A payment mode will only be displayed for your consumers during checkout if the total order amount is within certain limits. To define these limits, click Wirecard / Wirecard Payment Configuration / select the respective credit card payment mode / FILTER.

The limit settings here need to match the limit settings defined in your acquirer contract. Acquiring contract settings may not be overruled by the settings made here.

The following six examples assist you in setting the limits properly according to the order value:
Configuration settings

Non 3-D Secure (SSL) Configuration

Configuration settings

3-D Secure attempt Configuration

Configuration settings

3-D Secure only Configuration

Configuration settings

One-Click Checkout for Credit Card Payments

Credit card payments via Wirecard Payment Gateway support recurring payments. Returning consumers can checkout without having to re-enter their credit card details.

Credit card payment details of returning consumers can be saved for each consumer in the my Account area of the shop. The consumer may activate the option "use a saved card" to place an order with the already existing card.

No additional back office configurations are required.

Refund & Cancel

The refund and cancel functionality is provided in the Order Management Module directly at the order.
Click here for further information on refund and cancelation.

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