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  1. Git
  2. Hybris Commerce B2C Accelerator
  3. Installed OMS Module
  4. Installed Customer Service Cockpit Module
  5. Installed Warehousing Extension


  1. Download and unzip the extension in hybris/bin.

  2. Navigate to /hybris/config/localextensions.xml.

  3. Add the the following extensions:
    <extension name="wirecardcore"/>
    <extension name="wirecardhac"/>
    <extension name="wirecardaddon"/>
    <extension name="wirecardfulfilmentprocess"/>
    <extension name="wirecardbackoffice"/>

  4. Navigate to /hybris/bin/platform.

  5. Run the installation:
    ant addoninstall -Daddonnames="wirecardaddon" -DaddonStorefront.<storefrontTemplateName>="yourstorefront"

    ant addoninstall -Daddonnames="wirecardaddon" DaddonStorefront.yacceleratorstorefront="yacceleratorstorefront"

  6. Rebuild Hybris.

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