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Payment On Invoice and Payment In Advance

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Payment On Invoice

With Payment On Invoice, payment is made on receipt of goods or services. An invoice is either delivered with the ordered items or emailed to the consumer immediately after order placement, or both. Payment terms (e.g. merchant's IBAN/BIC, due date) are usually stated on the invoice.

Payment In Advance

With Payment In Advance, the consumer places an order and pays after receiving the merchant's payment details (IBAN/BIC, due date). When the transaction is completed the merchant delivers the goods or services. The purchase is balanced with the delivery.

The decision whether a merchant should wait for the payment, or deliver goods/services immediately, is subject to the merchant's payment method logic. It is not relevant for the Wirecard system; the payment processing logic is identical for both cases.

Payment On Invoice / Payment In Advance Configuration

To access the Payment On Invoice / Payment In Advance configuration screen, select
Wirecard / Payment Modes / Pay on Invoice/Pay in Advance:


  1. Configure the basic payment mode settings such as name and display options - see Configuring a Payment Mode.
  2. Perform the the payment configuration for a Basestore.
  3. You may only select either Payment On Invoice or Payment In Advance, but never both at the same time.
    Go to WIRECARD tab:
    • Set Payment mode specific settings to true to activate Payment In Advance (default).
    • Set Payment mode specific settings to false to activate Payment On Invoice.
  4. Activate the payment mode.

Payment In Advance Payment Information Configuration

The payment details shown to your consumers during checkout can be maintained in a properties file in the source code.

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