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SEPA Direct Debit

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With SEPA Direct Debit Core, creditors may collect payments in EUR both domestically and in other SEPA member countries.

On this page SEPA Direct Debit always refers to SEPA Direct Debit Core.

SEPA Direct Debit Configuration

To access the SEPA Direct Debit configuration screen, select
Wirecard / Payment Modes / SEPA Direct Debit:

  1. Configure the basic payment mode settings such as name and display options - see Configuring a Payment Mode.
  2. Perform the payment configuration for a Basestore.
  3. Activate the payment mode.

Maintenance of Mandates

To maintain SEPA Direct Debit mandate data, go to Wirecard / Wirecard Authorization / UNBOUND.


Creditor ID

SEPA Direct Debit requires a Creditor ID to create a SEPA Direct Debit Mandate and supports optional configuration fields for creditor name and creditor city to be displayed in the mandate.

The Creditor ID is a mandatory identifier for each merchant who wants to offer SEPA Direct Debits.
In order to be able to offer SEPA Direct Debit as a payment method, a merchant must apply for a Creditor Identifier. The Creditor ID identifies a merchant and allows consumers to be able to manage their mandates with merchants more easily.
This strongly depends on the local rules and regulations. Depending on the originating country, the merchant may need to apply for the Creditor ID at a tax office, local authority, or another organization.

A German merchant may apply for a Creditor ID at the Bundesbank Deutschland. To learn more about how to apply for a Creditor ID, please refer to

An Austrian merchant may apply for a Creditor ID at the Österreichische Nationalbank. To learn more about how to apply for a Creditor ID in Austria, refer to

Creditor Name

Optional field. Enter the creditor name to add it to the SEPA Direct Debit mandate.

Store City

Optional field. Enter the city of your store to add it to the SEPA Direct Debit mandate.

BIC Activation

By default, the BIC field is not displayed during checkout process. To activate this feature, set the Payment mode specific settings in the Wirecard tab to true.

Configuration settings

Maintenance SEPA Direct Debit Mandate Conditions

The SEPA Direct Debit mandate conditions shown in the Frontend can be edited in the code in the following files:

  • German: wirecardaddon/acceleratoraddon/web/webroot/WEB-INF/messages/
  • English: wirecardaddon/acceleratoraddon/web/webroot/WEB-INF/messages/

The names of the properties are the same in both files:

  • authorize the creditor ...
  • checkout.wirecard.payment.sepa.consent.two=Note: As part of my rights,...
  • checkout.wirecard.payment.sepa.consent.three=I irrevocably agree that, ...
  • checkout.wirecard.payment.sepa.consent.four=I have read and accepted the SEPA Direct Debit Mandate information.
  • checkout.wirecard.payment.sepa.consent.sign=
    1: The agreement checkbox during checkout is selected.
    0: The agreement checkbox during checkout is not selected (default).
  • checkout.wirecard.payment.sepa.consent.proceed:
    Property of button Continue on SEPA Direct Debit consent screen.

Refund & Cancel

The refund and cancel functionality is provided in the Order Management Module directly at the order.
Click here for further information on refund and cancelation.

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