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Payment Transactions

For each order, all payment transactions are stored and listed.
To show payment transaction details, select Order / Orders / click to open the respective order / ADMINISTRATION / double-click to open the payment transaction.


Payment transaction details:

  • Code: unique code; filled in automatically and may be changed manually.

  • Payment provider: payment mode used for this transaction.

  • 3-D Secure card holder authentication status & value (ThreeD).

  • Entries: A payment transaction entry is a payment process step. For each step of the payment process, a new payment entry is created.
    Double-click a payment transaction entry to show entry details:

    • Code: unique merchant transaction ID
    • Subscription ID: transaction ID
    • Transaction status and type
    • Request ID
    • XML Files: Double-click an XML file to view or download it.
    • Transaction currency and amount


Tracking of Canceled Payments

If a customer tries to check out one cart with different payment modes, this is visible in the back office. Each attempt to pay with another payment mode creates a new payment transaction. As described above, payment transactions are listed at the order in the ADMINISTRATION tab in the field Payment transactions.
The actually applied payment method is shown on the order in the PAYMENT AND DELIVERY tab in the Payment Info:

Tracking of canceled payments

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