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iDEAL is a popular e-commerce payment method in the Netherlands. Consumers can make online purchases using direct transfers from their bank accounts. iDEAL works together with leading Dutch banks, using the banks' online banking systems to carry out payment transactions.

iDEAL Configuration

To access the iDEAL configuration screen, select
Wirecard / Payment Modes / iDEAL:

Configuration settings

  1. Configure the basic payment mode settings such as name and display options - see Configuring a Payment Mode.
  2. Perform the Payment Configuration for a Basestore - see Configuring a Payment Mode.
  3. Activate the payment mode.

Payment Action

iDEAL transactions via Wirecard Payment Processing Gateway can be done only with payment action capture, which triggers the transaction type purchase with hop for payment mode iDEAL. Successful transactions (i.e. payments for orders) are captured/invoiced automatically and do not have to be confirmed manually.


The descriptor is the text representing an order on the consumer's bank statement issued by their bank. It provides information for the consumer, as it associates a specific debit on the consumer's account to a specific purchase in your shop.
Activate this checkbox to send the descriptor with each request/response.

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