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PayPal is a global e-commerce business, processing internet payments and money transfers. It is a wallet payment method that allows consumers to make and receive payments without having to share their financial information.

PayPal Configuration

To configure your PayPal payments, please contact Wirecard Support. Available PayPal-specific settings are listed below.

Payment Action

PayPal payment can be performed with two different payment actions:

1. Authorization: Payments for orders are not captured/invoiced but only authorized by the consumer, and therefore only reserved. For debit, you have to confirm/capture the amount manually.

  • This payment action triggers the transaction type authorization for payment method PayPal.
  • The order created will be labeled as Authorized.

2. Purchase: Payments for orders are captured/invoiced automatically .

  • This payment action triggers the transaction type purchase for payment method PayPal.
  • The order created will be labeled as Processing.

Shopping Basket

As a service for the consumers, PayPal supports the display of the shopping basket's content during checkout. To enable this feature, click the Shopping Basket checkbox.


The descriptor is the text representing an order on the consumer's bank statement issued by PayPal. It provides information for the consumer, as it associates a specific debit on the consumer's account with the respective purchase in your shop.

  • If the descriptor is Disabled, PayPal generates a default entry for each purchase.
  • If the descriptor is Enabled, the default descriptor text consists of the first 9 characters of the shop name and the order number.
    • To modify the descriptor, contact Wirecard Support.
    • Allowed characters: umlaut, 0-9,a-z,A-Z, , +, ,, -, .
    • Max. length: 27 characters.

Enable this feature to send the descriptor with each request/response.

Post-Processing Operations

Post-processing operations, such as refund, are currently not supported by the Wirecard Shopify App. Use the Wirecard Enterprise Portal (WEP) to execute post-processing operations.

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