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SEPA Direct Debit

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With SEPA Direct Debit Core, creditors may collect payments in EUR both domestically and in other SEPA member countries.

On this page SEPA Direct Debit always refers to SEPA Direct Debit Core.

SEPA Direct Debit Configuration

To configure your SEPA Direct Debit payments, please contact Wirecard Support. Available SEPA-Direct-Debit-specific settings are listed below.

Creditor ID

SEPA Direct Debit requires a Creditor ID to create a SEPA Direct Debit Mandate and supports configuration fields for creditor name and creditor city to be displayed in the mandate.

In order to be able to offer SEPA Direct Debit as a payment method, you have to apply for a Creditor Identifier. The Creditor ID is a mandatory identifier for anyone who wants to offer SEPA Direct Debit. It allows consumers to be able to manage their mandates with merchants more easily. SEPA Direct Debit supports configuration for the creditor name and the creditor city to be displayed in the mandate.

This strongly depends on the local rules and regulations. Depending on the country of origin, the merchant may need to apply for the Creditor ID at a tax office, local authority, or another organization.

A German merchant needs to apply for a Creditor ID at the Bundesbank Deutschland. To learn more about how to apply for a Creditor ID, please refer to

An Austrian merchant needs to apply for a Creditor ID at the Österreichische Nationalbank. To learn more about how to apply for a Creditor ID in Austria, refer to

Payment Action

SEPA Direct Debit payment can be performed with two different payment actions:

1. Authorization: Payments for orders are not captured/invoiced but only authorized by the consumer and thus only reserved. For debit, you have to confirm/capture the amount manually.

  • This payment action triggers the transaction type authorization for payment method SEPA Direct Debit.
  • Authorization is possible through the payment provider services of either Wirecard Bank or Hobex (for Austrian, German and Dutch merchants).

2. Purchase: Payments for orders are captured/invoiced automatically.

  • This payment action triggers the transaction type debit for payment method SEPA Direct Debit.

SEPA Direct Debit payments require a notification from SEPA to be completed. Therefore, SEPA Direct Debit payments are marked as Pending for up to two days.


The descriptor is the text representing an order on the consumer's bank statement issued by their bank. It provides information for the consumer, as it associates a specific debit on the consumer's account with the respective purchase in your shop.

  • If the descriptor is Disabled, the Provider Transaction Reference ID is provided for the bank statement.
  • If the descriptor is Enabled, the default descriptor text consists of the first 9 characters of the shop name and the order number.
    • To modify the descriptor, contact Wirecard Support.
    • Max. total descriptor length: 100 characters.

Enable this feature to send the descriptor with each request/response.

BIC Enabled

Enable this feature to display an input field for the consumer's BIC during checkout process. In this case, this is a mandatory input field for your consumer.

Post-Processing Operations

Post-processing operations, such as refund, are currently not supported by the Wirecard Shopify App. Use the Wirecard Enterprise Portal (WEP) to execute post-processing operations.

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