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Wirecard Shop Extensions General Information

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Product Description

There are various shop systems allowing consumers to buy goods or services online. Wirecard offers solutions for the most common online shop systems. Our free-of-charge extensions enable the integration of Wirecard solutions into your online shop in an easy and simple way:

  • Install your online shop on your web server.
  • Download the Wirecard Shop Extension.
  • Install it in your shop system.
  • Configure it to your needs.

Some shop systems refer to these shop extensions as "module", "plugin", "add-on", "cartridge", "app" or as "integration".

Wirecard Shop Extensions are constantly updated and improved to be compatible with the latest version of the shop systems and to offer you all payment methods available within our Wirecard solutions.

For any questions regarding our extensions, please contact Wirecard Support.

Please also contact us if you need an extension for a shop system which is currently not supported by Wirecard. We are constantly developing new extensions, so maybe an extension for your shop system will be released in the near future!

Supported Payment Methods

Each extension description includes a list of all supported payment methods.

Please be aware that some payment methods require additional parameters and actions before you can use them, and that certain extensions may not support all available payment methods. For each shop extension, there is a detailed description of all payment method options and configuration settings.

Please contact Wirecard Support if you have additional requirements which seem not to be fulfilled by our extensions.

Additional Information

The extensions offered by Wirecard are the interface between your shop system and our Wirecard solutions.

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