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Alipay Cross border

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Alipay Cross-border E-Payment Service is a payment solution that allows buyers to pay for goods sold on international partner merchant websites in Renminbi (CNY). Alipay will then remit the sum in a foreign currency to the international merchant in settlement. The consumer is redirected to Alipay and authorizes the transaction. A notification confirming the outcome of the transaction is sent to the merchant.

Alipay Cross-Border Configuration

To access the Alipay Cross-border configuration page, select
Configuration / Basic settings / Additional settings / Wirecard

Alipay Cross-border Configuration

Payment Action

Alipay Cross-border payment via Wirecard Payment Processing Gateway can be done only with payment action purchase, which triggers the transaction type debit via payment method Alipay Cross-border.
Successful transactions (i.e. payments for orders) are already captured/invoiced and must not be manually confirmed.

Send Additional Information

Activate this feature to send additional data for the purpose of fraud protection. This additional data includes billing/shipping address and shopping basket.

Supported Post-Processing Operations

To access post-processing operations, go to Customer / Payments / Wirecard / Transactions to open the transaction table which lists all transactions:

Wirecard Transactions

Click the pencil (OpenIcon) on a transaction to open the order details. Select the Wirecard Tab for all available post-processing operations, e.g.:

Wirecard Order Tab

Alipay Cross-border supports the post-processing operation Refund.

Refund: Triggers transaction type "refund-debit". The payment/invoice will be refunded and the corresponding order in Shopware order management will be updated to payment status "Re-crediting".

Please be aware that stock management is not included in the post-processing operations triggered in Wirecard Payment Gateway but only in Shopware order management.

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