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Payment Method Configuration

To access the payment method specific configuration page, select
Configuration / Basic settings / Additional settings / Wirecard.

To activate payment methods for your consumer, select
Configuration / Payment methods.

Minimum Configuration Options Within Settings

  • Merchant Account ID:
    Enter the MAID (Merchant Account ID) as provided in your Wirecard contract. You receive a unique MAID for each payment method.
  • Secret Key:
    Enter the Secret Key as provided in your Wirecard contract. You receive a unique Secret Key for each payment method.
  • HTTP credentials for Wirecard server connection (Wirecard Payment Gateway):
    For going live, you will receive credentials after having concluded a Wirecard contract.
    Click here for test credentials.

Payment Configuration

For some options, Inherited can be selected in subshops to inherit values from the main shop configuration.

Minimum Configuration Options Within Payment Methods

  • Description:
    Name of payment method as displayed during checkout.
  • Active:
    Use this checkbox to activate this payment method for your consumers. If you disable it later on, you may still perform back-end operations for all transactions performed when enabled.
  • Name:
    Do NOT change this value, otherwise the payment method will not work!

Payment Methods

Subshop Assignment

Here you can activate or deactivate the payment method for individual subshops.
Note: at least one payment method without any restrictions must be present in the system.

Subshop Payment Methods

Authorization / Capture

In general, there are two options for "Payment Action":

  • Authorize: The amount will be only authorized, and you have to capture it later by yourself manually.
  • Capture: The amount will be deposited immediately and automatically.

Depending on the payment method, there might be available either

  • Authorization or Capture or
  • Authorization only or
  • Capture only.

Payment Method Specific Configuration

For further payment method specific configuration, refer to the respective payment method configuration page:

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