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What Is The Difference Between Order And Payment Number?

The payment number is used to uniquely identify a payment process and all corresponding transactions, even if no Shopware order has been created or the order has been canceled (e.g. the payment processes was canceled by the user).

Go to Customer / Payments / Wirecard / Transactions to search for a payment number:

Wirecard Transactions

Additionally, you find the payment number in the order details Wirecard tab:

Wirecard Order Tab

How Can I Contact Wirecard Support Via LiveChat?

Select Configuration / Basic settings / Additional settings / Wirecard and click the LiveChat with Support button.


Navigate to Customers / Payments / Wirecard / LiveChat with support.


How Can I Translate Payment Methods And Snippets Of This Extension?

  • Payment methods can be translated by changing the Description in Configuration / Payment methods (see Configuration). Click on Translate to translate into other languages.
  • Snippets can be translated in the Snippet administration (Configuration / Snippets). The Extension namespaces can be found under:
    • frontend / wirecard_elastic_engine
    • backend / wirecard_elastic_engine


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