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The following components must be installed on your web server:

  • Web Server (Apache suggested)
  • PHP 5.6+
  • Database (MySQL suggested)
  • Shopware

It is also required to install the following PHP libraries/modules:

  • simplexml
  • cURL
  • ZIP
  • zlib
  • GD Library
  • mcrypt
  • mbstrings
  • XML
  • Intl
  • DOM
  • hash
  • iconv
  • json
  • OpenSSL
  • session


  1. You may perform step 1 in two ways:

    • Extract the package and copy the extension into your Shopware extensions folder (<shopware installation directory>/custom/plugins/). OR
    • Upload the package via the Shopware Plugin Manager by opening the Plugin Manager (Configuration / Plugin Manager), navigate to the "Installed" tab and click on "Upload plugin". Upload Extension
  2. In your Shopware Administration Plugin Manager, search for "Wirecard" and click on the "Install / Uninstall" (InstallIcon) icon. Install Extension

  3. After the extension is installed you must configure the extension individually for each payment method.

  4. After configuring your payment methods don't forget to activate the extension by clicking on the deactivated icon (DeactivateIcon) in your Plugin Manager. Activate Plugin

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