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Uninstalling deletes all extension software components. However, transaction data and database entries will not be modified.

This extension follows the standard Shopware rules. Before uninstalling, it is recommended to make a full backup of your shop ecosystem for fall back.


  1. Navigate to Configuration / Plugin Manager and click the Deactivate (DeactivateIcon) icon.

  2. After deactivation, you can uninstall the extension by clicking the Uninstall (UninstallIcon) icon. Before uninstalling you'll be asked if your extension configuration should also be deleted.

  3. Now you can delete the extension by clicking the basket icon.

When the deleting process is completed, the extension will not be displayed within the list of installed extensions. Back-end operations are not possible after deletion.

However, since the uninstallation does not affect the transaction database, you may perform back-end operations after reinstalling and reconfiguring the extension.
For each performed transaction, all back-end operations are available, regardless of whether or not a payment method is enabled.

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