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Alipay Cross‐border

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Alipay Cross-border is one of the most popular wallet systems in China. It makes international online shopping easy for Chinese consumers: they can pay using Renminbi (RMB). Alipay Cross-border makes the currency exchange and remits the sum in the currency of the merchant.

Alipay Cross-border Configuration

  1. Select WooCommerce/Settings.
  2. Click the Payments tab.
  3. Scroll down to Wirecard Alipay Cross-border. Alipay Cross-border Configuration
  4. Click either Wirecard Alipay Cross-border or the Set up button (on the right) to open the Alipay Cross-border configuration page: Alipay Cross-border Configuration

Payment Action

Alipay Cross-border payment allows only the payment action Purchase, which triggers the transaction type debit for Alipay Cross-border. Successful transactions (i.e. payments for orders) are captured/invoiced automatically and do not have to be confirmed manually.


The descriptor is the text representing an order on the consumer's bank statement issued by their bank. It provides information for the consumer, as it associates a specific debit on the consumer's account with the respective purchase in your shop.

  • If the descriptor is Disabled, the issuer/acquirer generates a default entry for each purchase.

  • If the descriptor is Enabled, the default descriptor text consists of the first 9 characters of the shop name and the order number. To modify the descriptor, use the method create_descriptor in the file woocommerce-wirecard-ee/wirecard-woocommerce-extension/classes/helper/class-additional-information.php. Max. length: 64 characters.

Enable this feature to send the descriptor with each request/response.

Send Additional Information

If this feature is Enabled, additional data will be sent for the purpose of fraud protection. This additional data includes billing/shipping address, shopping basket, and descriptor.

Note: The additional information includes the descriptor even if the descriptor option is set to Disabled.

Supported Post-Processing Operations

To access post-processing operations, go to Wirecard Payment Gateway to open the transaction table, which lists all successful transactions: Wirecard Payment Gateway

Click a Transaction ID to open the transaction detail view. It shows all available post-processing operations, e.g.: Wirecard Payment Gateway Transaction

Alipay Cross-border supports the post-processing operation Refund.

Refund triggers the transaction type refund-debit. The payment/invoice will be refunded, and the corresponding order in WooCommerce order management will be updated to status Refunded.

Partial-Refund triggers the transaction type refund-debit. This post-processing operation can be triggered in the WooCommerce order management as described in WooCommerce Refund Workflow.

Please be aware that stock management is not included in the post-processing operations triggered in the Wirecard extension but only in WooCommerce order management.

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