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Configuring a Payment Method

To access the payment-method-specific configuration page, select
WooCommerce/Settings/Payments and select the specific Wirecard payment method you want to configure (e.g. Wirecard iDEAL): Configuring a Payment Method

Minimum Configuration Options

  • Enable/Disable:
    Use this checkbox to activate this payment method for your consumers. If you disable it later on, you can still do post-processing operations for all transactions performed while enabled.
  • Title:
    Name of the payment method as displayed during checkout.
  • Merchant Account ID (MAID):
    Enter the MAID as provided in your Wirecard contract. You receive a unique MAID for each payment method.
  • Secret Key:
    Enter the Secret Key as provided in your Wirecard contract. You receive a unique Secret Key for each payment method.
  • Credentials (Username, Password) for Wirecard server connection (Wirecard Payment Gateway):
    • For going live, you will receive credentials after having concluded a Wirecard contract.
    • Click here for test credentials.

Authorization and Purchase

Two payment actions are generally available:

  • Authorization: The amount will be authorized only. You need to capture it manually later.
  • Purchase: The amount will be deposited immediately and automatically.

Depending on the payment method, you can execute either:

  • Authorization and Purchase or
  • Authorization only or
  • Purchase only.

For further payment-method-specific configuration, go to the respective payment method configuration page.

Payment Method Logos

The Wirecard WooCommerce Extension is equipped with default images of payment method logos/icons. You can replace them with your own payment method images:

  1. Requirement: The Wirecard WooCommerce Extension must be installed on your server.
  2. On your server, go to wirecard-woocommerce-extension/assets/images.
  3. Replace the logos/icons there with your own.

A subsequent update of the Wirecard WooCommerce Extension overwrites all customized images with the latest standard version.
After an update you have to change your payment method logos/icons again.

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