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SEPA Credit Transfer

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SEPA Credit Transfer is not a payment method in the traditional sense. It is used to execute the payment action Refund for other supported payment methods: iDEAL, SEPA Direct Debit and Sofort.

SEPA Credit Transfer needs to be set up correctly in order for you to be able to execute refunds for iDEAL, SEPA Direct Debit and Sofort.

SEPA Credit Transfer Configuration

  1. Select WooCommerce/Settings.
  2. Click the Payments tab.
  3. Scroll down to Wirecard SEPA Credit Transfer. List of payments
  4. Click either Wirecard SEPA Credit Transfer or the Set up button (on the right) to open the SEPA Credit Transfer configuration page: SEPA Credit Transfer Configuration

SEPA Credit Transfer is used to carry out a refund for the payment methods iDEAL, SEPA Direct Debit and Sofort, i.e. to return funds to the consumer if delivered goods are faulty or do not meet consumers' expectations.

The following fields are mandatory:

  • Merchant Account ID (MAID)
  • Secret Key
  • Wirecard Server Address (URL)
  • Username
  • Password

Note: In addition, the optional feature cross-MAID (cross-payment-method referencing) has to be ordered and activated by Wirecard technical support.

Supported Post-Processing Operations

Refund triggers transaction type sepacredit. The payment/invoice will be refunded, and the corresponding order in WooCommerce order management will be updated to status Refunded.

The Refund payment action can also be executed for a partial amount of the completed payment until the complete amount is used up.

Please be aware that stock management is not included in the post-processing operations triggered in the Wirecard extension but only in WooCommerce order management.

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