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Thanks to prozac we have a working znc module that pushes priv messages and hilights to Colloquy Mobile.

* arguments accepted on module load:
	-attachedpush 0|1 	- when set to 0, znc won't push messages if
				  another client is attached

	-skipmessagecontent 0|1	- when set to 1, znc won't push the content of
				  the message, only an indication that a
				  message has been recieved, which channel and
				  the sender.

	-awayonlypush 0|1	- when set to 1, znc won't push any messages or
				  hilights, if the user is not marked as "away"
				  in IRC. This can be useful if used with
				  irssi (irssi_proxy) and screen_away plugin.

	-ignorenetworkservices 0|1 - when set to 1, znc won't push messages from network services

* all the arguments above can be set from with-in your IRC client by messaging *colloquy now
  try /msg *colloquy help

To install make sure you have znc installed and configured, then run the following:

	$ wget http://github.com/wired/colloquypush/raw/master/znc/colloquy.cpp
	$ znc-buildmod colloquy.cpp
	$ mv colloquy.so ~/.znc/modules/

you should now load the "colloquy" module either by enabling it in the web admin module,
or by typing "/msg *status loadmod colloquy"

* if you don't want to receive push notifications when another client is attached,
  you have to tell the module. either add
	-attachedpush 0
  in znc colloquy module's arguments box or send a message to *colloquy
	/msg *colloquy attachedpush 0

* if you don't want to get the content (body) of the message sent via push,
  you have to add
        -skipmessagecontent 1
  in znc colloquy module's argument box or send a mesage to *colloquy
	/msg *colloquy skipmessagecontent 1

to configure your Colloquy Mobile to use Push, follow the following instructions, quoted from:

1. Hit the + Button in the Connections tab and select "IRC Connection"
2. Enter the server address as the Address.
3. Select "Push Notifications" and then turn them On.
4. Go to "Advanced".
5. Enter the Server Port and toggle SSL status as necessary.
6. Enter your ZNC account name as your Username.
7. Enter your ZNC account password as the Password. (Note: not Nick Pass).
8. Go back and hit "Connect". 

Result: If all went well, you should get a message from *colloquy saying 
that push is now loaded on ZNC for your device. You can also type 
"/msg *colloquy list" to see all of the devices that receive push 
notifications from your ZNC account.

Manually kill and restart Colloquy if your device is not automatically
registered. Ensure Colloquy has been granted push notification privileges.

all options are manageable by messaging *colloquy now.
note that module parameters will override any other settings.

you can now set 'night' hours during which znc won't send you notifications,
as well as an 'idle' duration that will have to pass before you receive
any notifications.
send a 'help' message to *colloquy for more instructions
	"/msg *colloquy help"

Note: badge clearing works now :)