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Authors in the luakit project:
Clint Adams (Clint) <schizo<AT>> 2010
Gregor Uhlenheuer (kongo2002) <kongo2002<AT>> 2010
Henning Hasemann <hhasemann<AT>> 2010
Kumar Appaiah (akumar) <> 2010
Mason Larobina (mason-l) <mason.larobina<AT>> 2010
Michael Dietrich (emdete) <mdt<AT>> 2010
Pawel Zuzelski (pawelz) <pawelz<AT>> 2010
Vasuvi <vasuvi<AT>> 2010
Author of `scripts/follow.js`:
Fabian Streitel <karottenreibe<AT>> 2010
Inherited authors from the awesomewm project:
Julien Danjou <julien<AT>> 2007-2009
Pierre Habouzit <madcoder<AT>> 2008
Inherited authors from the uzbl project:
Dequis <dx<AT>> 2009
Dieter Plaetinck (Dieter@be) <dieter<AT>> 2009-2010
Robert Manea (robm) <rob.manea<AT>> 2009-2010
Simon Lipp (sloonz) <sloonz<AT>> 2010
Inherited authors from the surf project:
Enno Boland (tox) <tox<AT>> 2009-2010
If you believe you should be in this file or notice that I have missed an
attribution to somebody else please contact me (Mason) or email me a patch
for his file with your/his/her name or names inserted.
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