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fix compilation with cmake 2.8.4
--- awesome-3.4.9/CMakeLists.txt.orig
+++ awesome-3.4.9/CMakeLists.txt
@@ -274,14 +274,15 @@ endif()
# {{{ Theme icons
file(GLOB icon_sources RELATIVE ${SOURCE_DIR} ${SOURCE_DIR}/themes/*/titlebar/*.png)
-set(ALL_ICONS ${icon_sources})
foreach(icon ${icon_sources})
# Copy all icons to the build dir to simplify the following code.
# Source paths are interpreted relative to ${SOURCE_DIR}, target paths
# relative to ${BUILD_DIR}.
get_filename_component(icon_path ${icon} PATH)
+ get_filename_component(icon_name ${icon} NAME)
file(COPY ${icon} DESTINATION ${icon_path})
+ set(ALL_ICONS ${ALL_ICONS} "${icon_path}/${icon_name}")
macro(a_icon_convert match replacement input)
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