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Drupal module providing integration to's API.
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Douban module is an Drupal integration to's API


  1. A login button will show on login form
  2. User will be redirected to and is able to login by douban account
  3. Generate a temporary password for user on Drupal site
  4. Redirect to user on user edit page with welcome message


  1. Download the archive or clone the repository.
  2. Copy the douban/ folder in your modules folders (for example: sites/all/modules)
  3. Go to the modules pages (/admin/build/modules), and enable the douban module.
  4. Apply your douban API key on
  5. Fill in your API Key and SECRET Key on douban settings page (/admin/settings/douban)
  6. From now on, anonymous user is able to see douban button on login form


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