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The cleanest way to integrate background processing into your application.

Backgrounded provides a thin wrapper around any background processing framework that implements the Backgrounded handler API which makes it trivial to swap out processing frameworks with no impact to your code.


  • clean and concise API which removes any dependency on external “worker” jobs and allows you to execute any model method in the background
  • integrates with any background processing framework (DelayedJob, Resque, JobFu, Workling, etc)
  • background methods can be actually unit tested by using an "in process" runner
  • custom callbacks to execute ActiveRecord callbacks in the background after being committed to the database

General Usage

class User
  def do_stuff
  def self.do_something_else

user =
# execute instance method in background

# execute class method in background

after_commit_backgrounded Callback

Automatically execute a callback in the background after a model has been saved to the database. All of the standard after_commit options are available as well as an optional :backgrounded option which will be passed to the Backgrounded::Handler.

class User < ActiveRecord::Base
  # execute :do_something in the background after committed
  after_commit_backgrounded :do_something

  # execute :do_something_else in the background after committed
  # passing custom options to the backgrounded handler
  after_commit_backgrounded :do_something_else, :backgrounded => {:priority => :high}


$ gem install backgrounded


Backgrounded handlers are available for popular libraries in separate gems. Just drop in the gem for your particular framework or write your own!





Custom Handlers

Writing a custom handler is as simple as:

# config/initializers/backgrounded.rb
class MyHandler
  # @param object is the target object to invoke the method upon
  # @param method is the requested method to call
  # @param args is the optional list of arguments to pass to the method
  # @param options is the optional hash of options passed to the backgrounded call
  def request(object, method, args, options={})
    # process the call however you want!

# configure backgrounded to use your handler like so:
Backgrounded.configure do |config|
  config.handler =


Copyright © 2012 Ryan Sonnek. See LICENSE for details.