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gw-01_armbian_developers_guide.en.pdf GW-01 documentation May 30, 2018
gw-01_armbian_getting_started.en.pdf GW-01 documentation May 30, 2018
gw-01_openwrt_developers_guide.en.pdf GW-01 documentation May 30, 2018
openwrt-orangepi-zero-201805302101.patch patch May 30, 2018


GW-01 is low cost OpenWrt driven LoRaWAN gateway.


GW-01 gateway consists of two boards: OrangePi Zero H2+ 256Mb development board and SX1308 based board that implements LoRa concentrator.


developers guide explains step by step how to build OpenWrt image for OrangePi Zero and flash onboard SPI flash IC to get fully functional Linux driven LoRaWAN gateway. OpenWrt port for OrangePi Zero is provided using patch file. Image size fits in 8Mb so onboard OrangePi's flash IC that 2Mb only was replaced with required volume.

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