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A Cappuccino control providing a rich text editing view through a browser driven content editable field. Formerly named WyzihatKit.
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A Cappuccino control providing rich text editing through use of a browser driving content editable field. Under the hood, the Google Closure Library editor is used.

Until a proper CPTextView is written this will probably be one of the most full featured rich text editor for Cappuccino.

You can view an online demo here.


  • Bold, italics, underline, strike through.
  • Left, right, center and justify alignment.
  • Bulleted and numbered lists.
  • Links.
  • Images.
  • Fonts.
  • Outputs regular HTML.
  • Vaguely resembles a proper CPTextView in its API.


Link the WKTextView folder into your Frameworks folder.

Create and combine the Resources/WKTextView/closure-editor.js file using the WKTextView modified version of the Closure editor:

git submodule init
git submodule update
cd auxiliary
# Edit to provide the correct path to closure.jar.


textView = [[WKTextView alloc] initWithFrame:effectiveFrame];
[textView setAutoresizingMask:CPViewWidthSizable | CPViewHeightSizable];
[textView setDelegate:self];

The view needs to load resources such as editor.html and closure-editor.js. Wait for the textViewDidLoad: delegate call before using.


A sample program is provided in the sample folder. To compile and view, run the script, then open up index-debug.html in a browser:

open sample.dist/index-debug.html


WKTextView is released under the Apache License 2.0. The sample incorporates Creative Commons icons from FamFamFam.


  • Alexander Ljungberg, WireLoad Inc
  • Evadne Wu
  • Klaas Pieter Annema
  • Paul Baumgart
  • xanados

Thanks to

  • Harry Vangberg
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